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Elementi di Fisica 2 Mazzoldi Nigro Voci PDF Free

Elementi di Fisica 2 is a textbook of physics written by Paolo Mazzoldi, Massimo Nigro and Cesare Voci. It covers the topics of electromagnetism, waves, optics and modern physics. It is aimed at undergraduate students of engineering, physics and other scientific disciplines. It is one of the most popular and widely used textbooks of physics in Italy.

The book is divided into four parts: Part I: Electromagnetism, Part II: Waves, Part III: Optics, Part IV: Modern Physics. Each part consists of several chapters that present the theoretical concepts, the mathematical tools, the experimental evidence and the applications of physics. The book also contains numerous examples, exercises, problems and self-assessment tests to help students learn and practice physics.

Download Zip:

The book is accompanied by a website that provides additional resources for students and teachers, such as interactive simulations, animations, videos, solutions to selected exercises and problems, and online quizzes. The website also allows students to download a PDF version of the book for free.

The PDF version of Elementi di Fisica 2 is identical to the printed version, except for some minor corrections and updates. It has 798 pages and a file size of 42.7 MB. It can be downloaded from the website [1] by registering with a valid email address and password. The PDF file is protected by a digital watermark that identifies the owner of the copy. The PDF file can be read on any device that supports PDF format, such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

Elementi di Fisica 2 is a comprehensive and rigorous textbook that covers the main topics of physics in a clear and engaging way. It is suitable for students who want to learn physics at a high level and prepare for exams or further studies. It is also a valuable reference for teachers and professionals who need to refresh or deepen their knowledge of physics.


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