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What's new in OxygenOS 12? A complete guide to the Android 12-based OS for OnePlus users

Oxygen OS 12: What's New, How to Download, and More

Oxygen OS is one of the most popular Android skins in the market, thanks to its fast and smooth performance, clean design, and timely updates. OnePlus has recently released Oxygen OS 12, based on Android 12, for its flagship devices, bringing a host of new features and changes. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Oxygen OS 12, including what's new, how to download it, which devices are compatible, and how it fares in our review.


Oxygen OS 12 is the latest version of the custom Android skin for OnePlus phones. It is based on Android 12, which is the newest version of Google's operating system that introduces a major overhaul of the UI, privacy features, widgets, animations, and more. Oxygen OS 12 adopts some of these changes while also adding its own unique features and enhancements.

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Oxygen OS 12 differs from previous versions of Oxygen OS in several ways. First of all, it is built on top of ColorOS, which is another Android skin developed by Oppo, OnePlus' sister company. This means that Oxygen OS 12 shares some codebase and features with ColorOS, making it easier for OnePlus to streamline resources and deliver updates faster. However, OnePlus claims that Oxygen OS 12 still retains its signature fast and smooth experience and does not compromise on user privacy or customization.

Oxygen OS 12 Features

Redesigned UI

One of the most noticeable changes in Oxygen OS 12 is the redesigned UI. The new UI has a more modern and elegant look, with new icons, fonts, textures, and colors. The text is bolder and brighter, making it easier to read. The icons are based on neumorphism, which is a design trend that uses subtle shadows and gradients to create a 3D effect. The UI also adapts to different themes and wallpapers, creating a more cohesive and dynamic appearance.

Another change in the UI is the dark mode customization options. Oxygen OS 12 lets users choose from three different levels of dark mode: enhanced, medium, and gentle. Enhanced mode is the darkest option that uses pure black as the background color. Medium mode is a slightly lighter option that uses dark gray as the background color. Gentle mode is the lightest option that uses light gray as the background color. Users can also schedule dark mode to turn on or off automatically based on time or sunset/sunrise.</p Work Life Balance 2.0

Oxygen OS 12 also introduces a new feature called Work Life Balance 2.0, which is an upgraded version of the Work Life Balance feature that was introduced in Oxygen OS 11. Work Life Balance 2.0 helps users switch between work and personal profiles, depending on their schedule and location. Users can set different preferences for each profile, such as notifications, app access, and do not disturb mode. For example, users can mute work-related notifications and apps when they are at home or on weekends, and vice versa.

Work Life Balance 2.0 also integrates with OnePlus Watch, OnePlus Buds, and OnePlus Buds Pro, allowing users to sync their profiles across devices. Users can also use voice commands to switch profiles using the HeyMelody app or Google Assistant. Work Life Balance 2.0 aims to help users achieve a better balance between their work and personal lives, by reducing distractions and improving productivity.

Private Safe

Another new feature in Oxygen OS 12 is Private Safe, which is a secure lockbox for private files and apps. Private Safe allows users to hide sensitive files and apps from prying eyes, by storing them in a separate space that can only be accessed with a password, fingerprint, or face unlock. Users can also set a decoy password for Private Safe, which will show a different set of files and apps when entered.

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Private Safe also works with the new Privacy Dashboard, which is a feature that shows users how often apps access their camera, microphone, location, and other permissions. Users can also revoke or grant permissions to apps from the Privacy Dashboard, as well as see which apps are accessing their clipboard data. Private Safe and Privacy Dashboard are designed to enhance user privacy and security on Oxygen OS 12.

Theme Store

Oxygen OS 12 also brings a new Theme Store, which lets users download and apply various themes to customize their phone's look and feel. The Theme Store offers a variety of themes, ranging from simple and minimalistic to colorful and vibrant. Users can also mix and match different elements of the themes, such as icons, wallpapers, fonts, and sounds.

The Theme Store also supports third-party icon packs and fonts, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or other sources. Users can apply these icon packs and fonts to their themes, creating a more personalized experience. The Theme Store is a welcome addition for Oxygen OS 12 users who like to change their phone's appearance frequently. New Game Mode Features

Oxygen OS 12 also improves the gaming experience with some new features in the Game Mode. The Game Mode is a feature that optimizes the phone's performance, network, and battery for gaming. Oxygen OS 12 adds some new features to the Game Mode, such as a floating window, a game dashboard, and a mistouch prevention feature.

The floating window feature lets users access certain apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or YouTube, in a small window that floats on top of the game. Users can drag, resize, or close the window as they wish. The floating window feature allows users to multitask while gaming, without having to exit the game.

The game dashboard feature lets users access various settings and tools related to gaming, such as screen recording, screenshot, do not disturb mode, brightness, and more. Users can swipe from the left edge of the screen to access the game dashboard, which also shows the battery level, network speed, and CPU temperature. The game dashboard feature allows users to adjust their gaming preferences quickly and easily.

The mistouch prevention feature lets users prevent accidental touches on the screen edges or buttons while gaming. Users can enable or disable this feature from the game dashboard. The mistouch prevention feature allows users to avoid unwanted interruptions or actions while gaming.

Updated Zen Mode

Oxygen OS 12 also updates the Zen Mode, which is a feature that helps users focus and relax by limiting distractions and offering soothing sounds. Zen Mode lets users set a timer for how long they want to stay away from their phone, during which they can only make emergency calls or take photos. Zen Mode also records their usage history and achievements, encouraging them to use their phone less and enjoy life more.

Oxygen OS 12 adds some new features to the Zen Mode, such as new themes, sounds, and meditation courses. Users can choose from different themes and sounds that suit their mood and preference, such as forest, ocean, space, and more. Users can also access various meditation courses that guide them through breathing exercises and mindfulness practices. Zen Mode also supports group sessions, where users can invite their friends or family to join them in Zen Mode. Oxygen OS 12 Compatible Devices

Oxygen OS 12 is currently available for the OnePlus 9 series and the OnePlus 8T, which are the flagship devices from OnePlus. The update will also be rolled out to other OnePlus devices, such as the OnePlus 8 series, the OnePlus 7 series, the OnePlus Nord series, and the OnePlus 6T. However, the update schedule may vary depending on the region and model of the device.

Here is a table that shows the expected Oxygen OS 12 update schedule for dif


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