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Dragons Dogma

One of my favorite JRPGs. The pawn system is quite fun especially if you train your pawn properly. And the way the underling factions are connected (dragons, pawn, arisen) was a nice story hook for me. Still need to max out my level.

Dragons Dogma

Today I think you should try Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - a complex, open-world RPG that will truly make you feel like you're exploring a land filled with monsters and excitement at every turn. Since nearly every single encounter requires special tactics and equipment you're most likely going to find yourself dying fairly often, but that overwhelming feeling of satisfaction once you finally succeed in bringing down a giant beast is exactly what makes Dragon's Dogma so compelling. So if you're up for an epic journey that will see your character grow from a lowly fisherman to a nigh-unstoppable dragonslayer, come and join me as I briefly go over everything that sets Dragon's Dogma apart from the rest. 041b061a72


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