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Hinterhofjargon Celo Abdi Free Download

Hinterhofjargon: The Debut Album of Celo & Abdi

Celo & Abdi are a rap duo from Frankfurt, Germany, who rose to fame with their free download mixtape Mietwagentape in 2010. Their debut album Hinterhofjargon, which means "backyard slang" in German, was released in 2012 under the label Azzlackz, led by German rapper Haftbefehl. The album features guest appearances from Haftbefehl, SSIO, Xatar, Veysel, Capo, Schwesta Ewa and more. It also includes the bonus tracks Unsere Stadt and Interkontinental, which were not part of the original tracklist.


The album showcases the duo's versatile and witty rap skills, as they rap about their life experiences, street culture, drugs, money and women. The album also reflects their multicultural background, as they mix German, Turkish and Kurdish languages in their lyrics. The production of the album is handled by M3, who provides diverse and catchy beats that range from hard-hitting to melodic.

Some of the standout tracks from the album are:

  • A2zlack: A collaboration with Capo, this track is a homage to the legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest. The title is a play on their album name The Low End Theory, and the chorus samples their song Scenario. The rappers deliver fast and smooth flows over a jazzy beat.

  • Besuchstag: A collaboration with Xatar and Veysel, this track is a tribute to their incarcerated friends. The title means "visiting day" in German, and the rappers express their loyalty and support for their fellow inmates over a melancholic beat.

  • Parallelen: A collaboration with Haftbefehl, this track is one of the most popular songs from the album. The title means "parallels" in German, and the rappers draw comparisons between their lives and various aspects of society, such as politics, religion, sports and entertainment. The track features a catchy hook and a hard-hitting beat.

Hinterhofjargon is a classic rap album that showcases the talent and diversity of Celo & Abdi. It is widely regarded as one of the best German rap albums of all time. If you are a fan of rap music, you should definitely check out this album. You can listen to it online or download it for free from various sources .


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