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About Us

Bringing our Community Closer


Steveston Velo is a newly-formed Richmond-based road cycling club. Our club is an evolution of like-minded cyclists who originally attended weekly Thursday night rides with Sanctuary Cafe. The group quickly grew in popularity with riders from across the Lower Mainland, gravitating to Steveston for the safe roads and the fun group of riders each week. What became apparent was the significant number of cyclists who call Richmond home, who up until now, did not have a cycling club to call their own. 

Our goal is: 

  • To connect road cyclists in Richmond and beyond that share similar interests and attitudes toward cycling and wellness. 

  • To provide support and training to help them accomplish their cycling and overall wellness goals. 

  • To focus on the health and social benefits that cycling provides.

  • To be an inclusive club for the community. 

President: Erin Lee

Vice President: Jon Winebrenner

Treasurer:  Wylie Hui

Members at Large:  Tammy Ross, Dennis Soriano, Lisa Rosser

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