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Code of Conduct

The Steveston Velo Society strives to promote a safe and enjoyable cycling environment for all its members. All members are to take responsibility to achieve this goal, therefore, as a member you are expected to comply with the following code of conduct: 


  • Practice good sportsmanship and conduct yourself in a professional manner at all cycling and non-cycling events representing SVS and our sponsors.


  • Refrain from any conduct or comments that could be considered offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic, degrading or malicious towards any individual, or group. 


  • Welcome new members by offering your support and encouragement to create a positive, fun, and inclusive environment for all cyclists.


  • Be a good role model for other riders and a good ambassador for cycling. Be respectful of others on the road, especially motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists. 


  • Wear the team jersey and shorts (or all black shorts without logos) on all SVS organized rides and events, including races, gran fondo or sportives.


  • All organized rides are no drop rides.


  • Obey all traffic signs, regulations, and rules of the road as outlined by local authorities while riding as an individual, or on group rides.


  • Abide by the essential road skills and hand signals used for group riding and road safety. 


  • Abide by the rules, regulations, laws, and bylaws of Cycling BC, the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA), the Union Cycliste Internationalle (UCI). 


  • All members will hold a valid Cycling B.C. Licence at all times during any SVS-organized rides including training rides or group rides. 


  • Only road or gravel bikes will be permitted on group rides. 


  • Motor-assist bikes will not be permitted on group ride unless agreed to in advance by the SVS President. 


  • Road bikes outfitted with tri-bars / bar extensions will not be permitted during any organized group rides. 


  • Road / Gravel bikes must be in safe working condition. 


  • Certified cycling helmets are mandatory. 


  • Refrain from damaging or degrading any venues and facilities used for training, rides, or group events. 


  • Provide service on a volunteer basis, at a minimum of once per year, for any annual events, charity rides, competitions hosted by the Collective, or by any other means of benefit to Steveston Velo. 


  • Be a part of this great community by being an ambassador, and a team player, and always be respectful to Steveston Velo and its members. 


  • Must be 19 yrs old.

  • Ability to ride with 4 or more people.

  • Ability to ride at least 30km in distance.

  • Ability to average a pace of 22 km/h for the duration of the ride.

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