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Membership & Registration

Same Goals, New Friends

Registration closed

Your life is about to change. If you like road cycling, want to develop your riding skills and fitness levels, and meet some really great people in your community, join us and let the fun begin. 

$170 includes one club jersey (Giordana FRC-Pro), three organized weekly rides, and club organized events (local and out-of-town).

Membership is effective immediately, until the end of the year.



** CyclingBC membership is not included with the Steveston Velo Membership. It is mandatory to have to be a member of Steveston Velo as it provides road cycling insurance.


Membership Benefits

  • In Season (April - October) Three (3) weekly organized group rides on Tuesday & Thursday evenings / Saturday mornings. Tuesday rides will be gravel rides. Thursday & Saturday will be road rides.

  • Mandatory skills / group riding safety orientation.

  • Yearly social events.

  • Networking opportunities with like-minded cyclists.

  • Sponsor discounts and benefits.

  • Educational sessions from trained rehabilitation and cycling professionals.

  • Be a valued and respected member of our local community.

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