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Group Rides

Joining a club tells us that you want to be a part of something special. Our goal is to make that connection through cycling, taking you along the safest and most common cycling routes in the LowerMainland. Ride group leaders will undergo extensive training and orientation in group riding to ensure they help you find your place in each ride. All of our rides are no drop rides.

Steveston Velo members will enjoy a supportive group with several ride categories based on skill and fitness level. We will host weekly rides on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings for all members.  Thursday evening rides will be between 30 - 50km in distance. While our Saturday morning rides will range from 60 - 100+km.  

Cycling groups will be divided into three or more groups depending on the number of members attending.   


Group 1 (Espresso): 30+km/hr average over 30km.

Group 2 (Macchiato): 27-30km average over 30km.

Group 3 (Cappuccino): 23-27km average over 30km.

Group 4 (Latte): 20-23km/hr average over 30km.


Ride group leaders will help you find like-minded and evenly skilled riders to ride with each session.

Thursday Rides


Steveston Velo rides will start / finish from the waterfront park, just south of Sanctuary Cafe in East Steveston. Planned routes will head in various directions to ensure we get the most out of our weekday evenings. For safety reasons, early / late season rides require appropriate lights for all riders. Ride distances will range from 30-50km, based on your fitness and skill level.

Saturday Rides


Steveston Velo rides will start from the waterfront park, just south of Sanctuary Cafe in East Steveston. Saturday morning rides are meant to be longer rides between 3-4+hours in duration with a guaranteed cafe stop(s). The last Saturday of each month, our starting locations may vary and take you to other cities and municipalities in the Lower Mainland. The is our opportunity to explore other routes around the Lower Mainland and beyond.


The primary focus of our group rides is to improve fitness development, your group riding skills and etiquette, and to strike a balance between bringing people together on the road in a fun and safe environment.

All ride information will be posted on our calendar.

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